Saturday, March 12, 2011


HHHhhhhmmmmmm, memories... There's an AWESOME memories, sad memories, happy memories, BAD memories and so on. 
Why do we have memories of some things and some don't??? It's SIMPLY because some things in the past do give impact to us in certain way and some just dont. That's how we created our memories.. ( that's in my own opinion.hehe :D )

Talk about my memoriessssss, i GOT A LOT OF MEMORIES. LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM!! hehehe. juz b'coz i'm a person who easily get to remember some things. LOTSof memories with my family and friends. juz thinking of it make me wanna cry..awwwwwwwww. huhu. i'm soooooo happy with my family and friend who always by my side through everything. Tough times aren't too tough when i got them on my side. hehe. BUT there are some memories i REALLY want to erase it, BUT i realise that i will never gonna be able to erase that particular memories coz it's already give HUGE impact to myself. hhmmmm, the MORE i dont wanna think about it, the MANY times that memories appear to me. huhu. there's nothing i can do but juz to deal with it. i dont hate that memories juz that it make me kinda sad whenever i think of it. that memories make me sometimes SAD and HAPPY. hmmmm, tiRaMissYou is the name that i think very suit me b'coz i really think that memories make me MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH. i've tried sooooooooooo many time to forget but i juz cant. i've tried sooooooooooooooo hard to erase the memories but AGAIN i juz can't. i guess i'll juz TREASURE the memories....................................